Saturday, July 24, 2010


Willow went to Vacation Bible School at church everyday last week from 5.30pm to 8.30pm and loved it. It's the first year she has been old enough to take part. I was there taking a few snaps for the church web site on two of the days. I just loved getting to see her run around and have fun with her little friends. Made me feel so proud. And she's such a good girl too. She seemed to behave well and listen to the teachers when they were talking. Even won a little toy and certificate for good behavior :) Yesterday was the last day of VBS and I made some small appetizers to bring in to a meeting for all the new parents that were there. I did the above tuna salad stuffed cucumbers (garnished with a little fresh dill). I put corn in too which is something you don't see here (the US) much in tuna salad, if at all. If you haven't tried it, you should! Adds a nice bit of sweetness here and there. I also mixed in a tiny bit of grated carrot and chopped red pepper, just for color.

And these I almost kept for myself! Delicious little phyllo cups filled with chicken salad. Got lots of compliments on them so I think it's a keeper recipe. As I was in a rush to get out of the door  I asked Stephen if he would put little tiny cheese stars on a few of the cups. He misheard me and put them on the plate lol but I thought it looked pretty so I kept it that way.

I also made some mini cherry pies but didn't have time to get a good pic.


B said...

That looks tasty - great job!

BTW - love the name Willow!

RenderMeMama said...

Sounds tasty to me and looks even better! I have heard of putting corn in Tuna salad but never tried it. Maybe some day I will!

RoseBelle said...

You just gave me a wonderful idea on what to make for this weekend. I have a bunch of tuna and am quite bored with tuna sandwich. I think I'll like the added corn to the tuna.

tea said...

These look good! We've had a lot of cucmbers from our garden and I haven't had many ideas for using them, I may have to try that first one. Thanks for sharing! :)

Busy Working Mama said...

That looks delish! I will have to try to make some :)


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