Saturday, July 31, 2010

Willows Lunch(es)

This past week I have either been too sick or too busy to post. Ryder and I both caught colds with fevers and been feeling yucky. Much better now but my house looks like a bomb went off in it. Especially today, after I have been making a cake for a baby shower (more on that later). There’s cake stuff everywhere (including greasy buttercream), toys, crafts stuff, piles of laundry,  dishes … but the thing that’s irritating me the most? My husband’s socks and sneakers under the coffee table lol.

I did actually make some quick bentos for Willow, I just didn’t get the pics up. So now that I’m taking some ‘me time’ (I hate that saying lol), heres three that I made:

This one was leftovers of the spaghetti bolognese we had for dinner with some little cheddar cheese flowers and broccoli florets.

And in this one: ham/lettuce tortilla roll ups (she unrolled them, removed the lettuce and rolled it back up before eating lol), some raspberries, carrots and cucumbers and a little egg fishy which I dyed in some water with red food coloring.

Above: mini bagel, honeydew melon, laughing cow cheese and some carrots which she dipped in Ranch dressing.She didn't seem to have much of an appetite this day and left the melon and cheese.


Megan said...

We all got sick with a flu like bug last week. Started out to be like a cold and then got worse. :( I hope your family is doing better!
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Busy Working Mama said...

Too cute! I love seeing posts of Willow's lunches.

And yes, at least my tortured hubby was still smiling :) Probably because the run was OVER!

tea said...

Haha! I don't like the "me time" saying either. ;) I'm glad you're feeling better. Your lunches are always so cute. :)

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Ok my dear your mom of the year for those lunches! That is too freaking cool.

The red fish egg is AWESOME.

Stephen said...

I thought that's where they went!


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