Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Willows ....fall activity


I both like and dislike them. I dislike them because my husband does a full day of work and then goes straight to school afterward. He isn't home until the very late evening. But I like them because it means I don't have to get the housework done by a certain time (of course I don't HAVE to anyway, I just like to have everything cleaned up before Stephen gets home). Not having to get it all done as early means I can take my time and spend a little extra playing with the kids. 

I found this wonderful site today written by Allison McDonald after seeing a guest post she made and found a fun fall activity for Willow and I to do. She gives a nice tutorial here but basically you collect some pretty leaves, color over them onto paper with a crayon (like we all did as kids) and then cut them out and stick them onto a paper towel roll to make a tree. Even I could manage this I thought!

I took a few pics....

Princess Aurora and I outside finding our leaves :)

Rolling her crayons over the leaves. She enjoyed this a lot and I did it with her. I took Allison's advice and taped the leaves to the paper so they wouldn't move around.

After we cut them out (another part she really enjoyed), we randomly stuck the leaves onto our paper towel roll (or in this case, toilet paper roll - all I had but it worked just fine) to make a wonderfully colorful Fall tree.


jennohara said...

Very cute idea! I'm going to steal it! Hope you dont mind ;)

Eschelle said...

very nice idea!

Show Me Mama said...

love it! I am your new follower. You can follow me back at http://showmemama.com. Make sure you leave a comment so I know you visited.

Have a great weekend

Holly said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm definitely going to keep this idea for next year when my daughter is old enough to appreciate this.


By the way, I was just stopping by to tell you that you have inspired me to make pumpkin shapred sandwiches for my daughter's Halloween party next week. I'll let you know how they turn out!

Singlemama said...

Hello! I am your newest follower from a Tuesday Blog Hop! I would love it if you would follow back at one or all three of my blogs :)


Thank you! Have a great week!

kitten said...

That's awesome!!! :)

Jessica - Mom of all Trades said...

I'm your newest Wednesday follower! Would love for you to visit me at Mom of all Trades when you get a chance :)

KimD said...

Great craft idea! With all the leaves we have in our yard I can keep my 2 year old busy for days! :-)

And the muffin tin idea? Too cute!

I'm following you from Welcome Wednesday! Happy Wednesday!

Ashley said...

Very cute!!

Mom Daughter Style said...

i love your daughter's outfit, mine will be princess too on halloween.

Stacey said...

Stopping over from Wandering Wednesday. I always love a good TP roll craft.


Busy Working Mama said...

She's so cute! We do leaf rubbings a lot :)

Bloggy Blog Designz said...

Following you from Welcome Wednesday!
The Neuff

Bobo said...

I am gonna do this with my son, beautiful fall leaves tree.

Emma's Lunch said...

WOW! that's gorgeous! I will have to do that with Emma....

Thank you for the idea!


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