Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Willow's Lunch(es)

Here are some bento and other lunches I made for Willow during my sort-of time off from blogging ....

I couldn't say what she had when and how much she ate but I think I remember what was in them. This one contained kiwi, spaghetti sauce meatballs and some rice decorated with little ham kitties.

I packed this one in her new blue sucre bento box. I love it! It contained a chicken and cheese mayo sandwich decorated with a cucumber tree and little cheese star. Also, some grapes on snowman picks (which I find kinda skeletal looking eek) and Christmas-shaped pretzels.

A fun Curious George sammie. Inside the sandwich I think was turkey or chicken and George was made with bologna turkey/chicken and nori features. To make him, I simply printed a pic of Curious George, traced it onto parchment paper and then cut around the sandwich meat with a toothpick. Very easy. The nori is the tricky part I think. I gave up and just used stamped out features in the end. She also had some little cheddar duckies and a Clementine.

I don't remember what this sandwich was. Most likely turkey or chicken. I made a little glove out of bologna and American cheese. I used a decorator's tip for the dots. Took about 2 minutes to make. On the side, she had some festive pretzels again and a little pineapple fruit gel. Pretty sure she ate it all up.

This lunch Willow made herself, with a little help from Mommy, for one of the holiday-themed Muffin Tin Mondays. She hada peanut butter snowman sandwich decorated with sprinkles, fruit leather and a cucumber hat. Also in the little mini muffin cups are some holly-shaped cucumbers, Christmas dots and some Christmas pretzel snowflakes.

Another Christmas muffin tin. I was in a rush making this one. She had a snowflake sandwich, pretzel Christmas trees (just realizing how much pretzels she's been eating lately!), cheerio 'halos', yogurt raisin 'snow', broccoli 'trees' and some mandarin snowman mouths (haha I know it's a stretch).

A little blurry and hard to see but this was a ham teddy bear sandwich with strawberries and cheese triangle.

And finally, this last one was bologna and cheese roll-ups, with veggies: carrots and cucumber plus ranch and for fruit: grapes and apple slices. It was packed in the new Lunch Bots Trio box which they kindly sent to me for review. I haven't owned a lunch bots box before and was excited for this one to arrive. I've seen so many adorable bento lunches packed in them online. When this one came out recently, I was impressed to see more sections in the box than the others. Although I like the two also, for variation and think I will get both.

I love the shiny stainless steel , great if you don't want to use plastic for your lunches and it's sturdy also. The permanent dividers are awesome - no losing bits and pieces down the garbage disposal (or is that just me?) Love that it is dishwasher safe - that's a big plus in my book. And it packs a good size lunch. Sandwiches would have to be cookie-cutted out or made small but that's fine with me since it's what I always do. The only downside for me was that the bottom divider was a little crooked and since it's permanent I can't fix it. I don't know if you can tell in the picture. Not a big problem but if I had to pick one I would rather that be straight. Most likely just how this particular box was made though. The lid fits snugly, although it isn't water-tight and, unlike the other lunch bots boxes, it is stainless steel which is very cool looking.

The boxes are decently priced and can be found on the Lunch Bots website and on Amazon. Although the trio is currently only available on Amazon.


Ashley said...

Wow you made all those while not blogging? Amazing! They are all so adorable. Willow is SO lucky to have such a creative and dedicated mama! I hope you had a wonderful holiday! xo

Kelly Polizzi said...

Aww thank you Ashley, you are so sweet. I hope you enjoyed your holidays too!

Eschelle said...

those are great!

kitten said...

aaaaahhhh... awesomeness overload!!!

yunitarahmasari aka tatabonita said...

My most favorite is the first one, the kitties are just cute ^^

Claire said...

Sophie my 5 year old loves the one Willow made, the peanut butter snowman sandwich.

Just be happy! said...

you have lucky kids, you put so much love into their food, it's nice to see.

Emily - Bentobloggy.com said...

Girl, you have been busy! I love the one Willow made herself, good job!

Melissa said...

I always love seeing Willow's lunches. Love those kitties in the top pic! I gave all the teenage girls in my life bento boxes and bento cookbooks for Christmas. They went nuts for it! :o)


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