Sunday, January 16, 2011

Shower Cake

It's been a crazy busy weekend for me. Really shows in my house too! Despite our best efforts (mine and my husband's that is)  it just does not seem to want to get clean. The main reason being I baked a cake for a friend's shower at church. Whenever I bake a cake my kitchen always looks like it exploded both during and after. But if I really want the cake to be perfect it looks even worse LOL. Add to that restarting the thing three times and you have an absolute disaster in both kitchen AND cake.


I just could not get it to look smooth, or even or at all how I wanted it. I lost count of how many batches of frosting I made! At first the cake was white, then it was green and then I changed it to pink argh. The sweet ladies at my church gave me lots of compliments on it but I just saw a big mess.

Here are a few pics, judge for yourself!

ShowerAndBirthdayParty 001
No, I didn't let my four year old write on it :( I really am that awful at the writing part and try to avoid it at all costs! The theme was ladybugs. I couldn't get a red color frosting from Wilton's food color so I ended up squeezing the red frosting out of the tube kind. Same with the black. Good thinking on my part!

ShowerAndBirthdayParty 002
I was, however, very pleased with my little lady bug :D Isn't she cute?

ShowerAndBirthdayParty 012
Here is the cake table at the shower along with some lady bug table confetti.

ShowerAndBirthdayParty 016
These are some cake pops I made for the favors. They were a big hit. I made a chocolate cake in a 9x13 pan, let it cool and then mixed it with a tub of frosting until the cake was all broken up and combined. Then I rolled them into little balls and refrigerated for a few hours before inserting a lollypop stick and coating in some red-colored white chocolate and letting set standing in a Styrofoam bar. If I had had a bit more time I would have liked to have decorated them with some black spots or something but I settled for a cute ladybug cup that I found at IParty.

ShowerAndBirthdayParty 017
Here are some of the decorations Bonnie, my pastor's wife, did. She made the paper ladybugs which looked great. The ladybug balloons were from Amazon.

ShowerAndBirthdayParty 044
Adorable ladybug picks in the food. Also from Amazon.

ShowerAndBirthdayParty 063
The games!

ShowerAndBirthdayParty 098
My lovely friend Tiffany doing one of the games. She had to try to multi-task while being timed and kept talking to the baby or pretending she was on the phone, I was cracking up!

ShowerAndBirthdayParty 137
At least it tasted OK. Each time I made a frosting I put a different extract in for flavor (by mistake of course) and one of the ladies said, mmm what frosting did you use? lol Seeecret.

ShowerAndBirthdayParty 147
Alynn, the shower Mommy opening her gifts. She's expecting a girl :) Girls are great for first time Mom's I think, cause you're so excited about dressing up and making the baby cute. Boys make wonderful second babies cause then you get all the cuddles! Plus you're nerves aren't so high the second time round which is a good thing with boys!

It was so much fun. I barely had time to get home and tidy before we left for a birthday party. These next two weeks I'm going to be trying to get Willow's upcoming birthday party plans finalized. Thank you all so much for the cake ideas! I think I'm going to attempt an under the sea type castle cake and place some Ariel figurines on top. This time I will ask Grandma to watch the kids at her house while I make it!


Ashley said...

I think your cake looks gorgeous! A million times better than anything I could do! I love all the secret flavors in the frosting! Xo

Anonymous said...

I think the cake looks adorable!!!

Unknown said...

You have got to be super mom to get all that you did done :). And plus make food for the birthday party. Simply amazing.

Unknown said...

You have got to be super mom to get all that you did done :). And plus make food for the birthday party. Simply amazing.

Susan Yuen said...

Your cake is gorgeous!!! How I wish that I could make something half as beautiful as that! Love the Lady bug theme. :)

Kelly Polizzi said...

thanks all for the sweet comments. You don't have to be polite about the cake! ;)

Kel, supermoms don't scream and yell at everyone from the kitchen haha.

Lia Chen said...

Kelly, that lady bug cake is so cute! I mean it ... Most importantly, I believe everyone enjoyed the cake :)

Unknown said...

Very cute party! I just love hosting baby showers! The cake is adorable!

Kelly said...

I think it's absolutely beautiful! That ladybug came out perfect - what a great theme!

Kelly Polizzi said...

Aww thank you. I agree, very cute theme.

Caren said...

You are being WAY WAY WAY to hard on yourself!!! Your cake is ADORABLE! I've wanted to make those cake pops ever since I saw a snowman version over the holidays. Maybe next year ;)

Kelly Polizzi said...

Thank you Caren :) I definitely recommend making them, I had several people ask for the recipe saying they loved them. Next time I make them though, I want to try to find something that will make them perfectly round. Not real keen on the hand-made look but I know some might prefer that.

Emily @ said...

Very nice lady bug! It's better than I could do ;)

Jenni Price said...

Your cake is so cute! I have no idea how to decorate a cake and your ladybug turned out really nice!

Heather Dawn said...

The cake pops look wonderful and yum!

Angeleyes said...

The cake looked great and the ladybug looked awesome!!! I can't imagine myself doing/frosting such a huge cake!!! Despite I have already attended Wilton's 1,2,3 cake decorating course!!!!

Unknown said...

I think your cake looks fabulous! LOVE the ladybug.

Jill said...

Looks like everything came together wonderfully and I just LOVE the cake, so cute!! Have a great day!


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