Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What a nice morning! I took Willow to gymnastics and then, after that, drove to my Pastor's wife's house with a couple other friend's from church and had a really nice time together. I was so nervous that Ryder was going to tear  up their house ... or drool all over it but, aside from spilling the dog's bowl of water and dipping his hands in the toilet bowl, he was very well behaved. Especially considering he was missing a much-needed nap. Thank you God! I made Willow this lunch before we left this morning. Just a simple peanut butter sandwich with a fruit leather face and fruit roll-up bows (unlike my last face sandwich, this one does not look like a lion lol), some natural applesauce with sprinkles and a few butterfly crackers. She also had a banana. I guess she had a big appetite after her gymnastic workout 'cause she ate it all :)

This week is a busy one. Tonight I'm going, with the kiddos, to take some pictures for a friend.  My baby boy turns one tomorrow but we are celebrating on Sunday with family and friends. Can't believe how fast a year goes by with kids. Where does the time go? Feels like just yesterday he was placed in my arms and snuggled up to me. He is such a wonderfully happy baby, I am truly truly blessed :) Friday and Saturday there's a couple's conference at church with a guest speaker that I'm looking forward to attending with my hubabubs - who took me out to a nice meal (kid-free!) yesterday btw!). I'll be making quite a lot of food for that on Thursday. Plus Ryder's cake at some point during the weekend. So i guess Wednesday will be grocery shopping and Spring cleaning day at our home. Hate it when it gets away from me!

If anyone has any nice cute, but simple cake ideas for a first birthday feel free to share!

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KidsDreamWork said...

The cute little face definitely brightened up the bento! :)
And Happy Birthday to your little boy!


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