Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Willow's Lunch

bento 005
Willow had a ham and cheese flower sandwich today which she helped make with the letters of her name on top. I got this idea from one of Susan Yuen's bento books where she did something similar (although much neater than the one above). We added some little icing sugar eyes (which I think can make anything look cute) and a nori mouth. She also had some grape jello and carrots.  As before though, she left the carrots and doesn't seem to be liking them much anymore. Maybe I need to try a new dip besides ranch. Or maybe it's just because they're such huge baby carrots. I prefer the teeny tiny ones myself.

Hubby is sick right now so he took the day off. That doesn't stop him working though. Right now he is helping his lil' bro install some kitchen cabinets in his new home. I have been looking at interior decorating tips and tricks online a lot lately in anticipation of our next home which will hopefully be within the next year or two. I know it's a ways off still but I'm so excited to move into our 'forever home' as I call it, I just have to do something besides wait. So I'm getting some ideas rolling. I was up until 2am saving web sites etc. 

Today, I'm trying to get some organizing done around this home. Ryder's going to help, he has plans for my Tupperware cupboard! I have four or five huge piles of laundry to fold and put away so I better get cracking!


Jill said...

So adorable! My girls aren't raw carrot fans... but my oldest does like veggies cooked and cold the next day for her lunch. LOL

Have a great day!


Kelly Polizzi said...

mm cold cooked veggies! lol how funny.

Cassi said...

I have a hard time getting my son to eat the cheese cut outs. He likes cheese in sandwiches and on pasta... but if i cut them into shapes he just plays with them. lol

Cassi Speer

Journal Mommy Yenny said...

So happy-looking sandwich!

Kelly said...

how cute! I love how you spelled out her name!

Anonymous said...

How creative! I never know what to give my toddler for meals, I will be back for ideas! Love your blog title too, I can totally relate :) New follower from Friendly Friday!


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