Saturday, September 10, 2016

Pick and Draw

Rich Davis, who is the clever inventor of the game Pick andDraw was kind enough to send me this wonderful little game in exchange for my thoughts. Before I do that, let me explain how it works.
Pick and Draw is a unique and fun drawing game that encourages children, using a deck of cards, to get creative making funny cartoon faces and have heaps of fun while learning!

The cards contain five different categories: face, eyes, mouth, nose, hair. As your child picks one from each category, they draw what they see on the card, as crazy or as normal as they like, allowing them to form different kinds of kooky characters each time.
I love that it’s simple enough that any age could enjoy it. Even those too young to have a good grasp on drawing will have fun in their attempt to join in (ask my toddler!) It’ll have them rolling as they draw and name their hilarious characters.
I loved playing this game with my three kids at home but I can imagine the joy would only increase in a larger group setting. Rich Davis actually visits schools sharing this game with the children in classrooms and other settings. I think I may bring to my children's homeschool co-op. I teach an arts and crafts class and I think the kids will love it. But even as a ‘quiet time’ activity for one child to sit and have fun with alone, it would be good. And us Mom’s love those activities, am I right?

This game has a very low price of just $10. Totally worth it! You can try it out here. 

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