Friday, September 23, 2016

Make your own chocolate kit review

Do you like chocolate? We certainly do around here, in any shape or form! Though, for some reason, with all the cooking experiments we do as a homeschooling family, I’ve never given making our own chocolate a try before. Fortunately the makers of Glee Gum make this a real simple affair. They have these fun candy making kits available on their web site and allowed me the opportunity to try one out in exchange for my review! We were lucky to get the chocolate one! All I had to do was yell, ‘who wants to make chocolate?!’’ and the kids were off the couch and infront of me in the kitchen within seconds, raring to go.
Inside the kit was everything that we needed to make us some delicious and cute little chocolates: 1 information sheet, paper candy liners, 1 bag each of cocoa powder, powdered sugar, solid cocoa butter and starter crystals. A temperature strip was included and even a couple whole cocoa beans to munch on during waiting periods. Best part? Everything was already measured out and separated.
The step by step instruction guide was nice and simple for us mom’s trying to do it with three kids!
  • Melt
  • Combine
  • Heat
  • Cool

It gives details for each step such as what temperature the chocolate needed to get to and what to add/ when. And relatively soon after the mixing and stirring, the kids got to enjoy their chocolate treats.

Willow and Ryder trying their cacao beans unsure of what to expect.

Willow helping with the stirring
 As the instructions encouraged, we added our own ingredient to the chocolates to make them extra fun and some color. The kid’s chose tiny M&M’s which were simply placed into the bottom of the paper liners before pouring over the chocolatey goodness. Peanut butter would have made a yummy option too. My six year old enjoyed placing all the M&Ms into the candy liners and pouring of the chocolate. My three year old handled the finger-dipping and bowl-licking. And my big girl and I did the melting and stiring. We were all able to enjoy the experience.
What I also quite liked about the information sheet was that it included information about chocolate such as the latin name for the cacao tree (Theobrama cacao) and on the opposite side of the sheet is a story about a girl named Lucia from Costa Rica who takes care of cacao trees and harvesting the pods. It tells the process of where chocolate originates to how it ends up in our mouths at the store. Truly educational and not just for the kids!

These did not last long for me to get more pics!

Our box also included lots of yummy samples of natural Glee gum and lollipops for the kids to enjoy. My son’s words, ‘this is the best gum I have ever tasted, mom!’ So go on and check out their site to see their different products. Including a candy combo kit!

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