Friday, June 5, 2009

First Post

My two main interests right now, or new interests I should say; are number 1) Cake decorating. I am starting the Wilton's cake decorating class next week. I couldn't BE any more excited wooh. Just hoping I don't let myself down with this one. And 2) cross stitch. I'm finding my interest in number 1 is a bit too time-consuming for me to really get a start on that right now but it's in the line up of things I would really love to try soon. It helps having a best friend offering to help and give lessons.

Of course I love to cook too, this I have loved for so long now. I collect every cookbook that isn't on my shelf. I don't keep them all! I copy up the recipes I like (i try to find them online first so i get the picture and save the typing) and then sell the books on ebay if i can. For some reason this is really addictive to me and I spend a lot of my time copying up recipes from books. Accumulating them for the years to come. Especially ones that my kid(s) will enjoy. Sometimes I actually try the recipes out!

Anyhow, I don't plan to write much in here. If I do I'll probably end up using it less. So instead I'm going to save it as a place for storing pics of cakes or cross stitch projects so I can share them with friends and family. And I won't hide the ones that flop!

(It's scarey how long it took me to figure out how to edit this post!)


Artystitches said...

all set up now lol good stuff!

Claire said...

Looking forward to seeing some cross stitch.


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