Saturday, November 14, 2009

Blog award for mee?

I have been given a blog award, my first, woot! Thank you Tea at Homemaker's Heart I love your blog!

The rules for accepting this award are to copy and change the answers below to suit you and pass it on. Answers can only be one word! Pass the award to your favorite bloggers and alert them they have been awarded.

1. Where is your cell phone? I don’t have any idea right now. It went missing about a month ago!

2. Your hair? On my head. Just kidding :b Brown - Too thick for my liking - Little past my shoulders.

3. Your mother? Gone but not forgotten. She passed away December last year. Time goes by so fast.

4. Your father? Very opinionated lol. I love my dad and miss him all the way over in England.

5. Your favorite food? Potatoes, rhubarb, chocolate. Since becoming pregnant I have also become quite partial to those little caramel custard yogurts. I have a crate of them in the fridge right now. Yes, a crate!

6. Your dream last night? I dreamt we found out that we were actually having a girl instead of a boy and I was devastated! I have already bonded so much with my little Ryder. I talk and sing to him all the time and really have my head around having a boy. Finding out we were having a girl now would be like losing my baby and having another. Weird, I know. I really do just want a healthy baby. I just don't want the confusion!

7. Your favorite drink? Dr Pepper. I try hard to ration how much I drink cause I can go crazy on this stuff.

8. Your dream/goal? To be a better Christian. To really honor God with my life and have a family that does the same. I fall short all the time. Fortunately what matters to God is that we get back up and keep trying :)

9. What room are you in? The ‘dining room’. Our kitchen, eating area and living room are all kind of in one.

10. Your hobby? Cooking – mostly baking. I also love photography, very ammatuer, and reading. I love talking on the phone, going to see friends and family, hanging out with Stephen and Willow, seeing shows with Stephen, internet surfing, baby clothes-buying :b

11. Your fear? Getting old and death. I have thoughts of these everyday. As long as I’m with my husband when I’m old, I’ll be OK but I can’t comprehend actually not existing anymore. That feels egotistical in a way but it’s just so final. Death of loved ones plagues me also and I think losing my Mum really has a part to play in that.

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Right where I am. Only living in a slightly bigger house with more noisy babies running around :D

13. Where were you last night? Mostly in the kitchen making food for my family and the in-laws who came over. Then we hung out and watched some TV, it was a good night.

14. Something you aren’t? Shamefully, I’m not very thoughtful without trying hard to be. I don’t mean to be inconsiderate, it just doesn’t come naturally to me to think of thoughtful things to do or say.

15. Muffins? Gimme! I love muffins ... especially blueberry. And they are so easy to make!

16. Wish list item? My wish list contains books after books. Cookbooks and children’s books. I need to add a camera to it though.

17. Where did you grow up? In London, England.

18. Last thing you did? Nodded off on the couch while Willow watched cartoons.

19. What are you wearing? My husband’s tshirt and my penguin PJ pants hehe. Not many things fit me these days I must say.

20. Your TV? Is muted in the background.

21. Your pets? None right now but just this morning I was trying to persuade my husband to let us get a dog. No chance. He does want goats though, one day. Hmm.

22. Your friends? I have one close close friend (again, far away in England :() and lots of friends at church.

23. Your life? Exciting right now. Thanksgiving is coming up, then Christmas, then my little girl’s third birthday, then Valentine’s day and, in the same month, my baby boy is going to arrive. Right after that is Stephen’s birthday, then mine and my dad’s, then Nick’s (Stephen’s little brother) and my dad and his wife will be over visiting, then we will be celebrating our fifth anniversary. Something going on every month for a while now. But in general life is good. I’m content.

24. Your mood? Content :D

25. Missing someone? Yes, I miss my Mum everyday. I miss my family and friends back home. I miss Stephen who is out working all night. I miss the cats we used to have.

26. Vehicle? Mine is green. Stephen’s (new car) is dark grey. Graphite? We have a blue one we are selling. Good riddens to it.

27. Something you’re not wearing? Sockies

28. Your favorite store? Any book store!

29. Your favorite color? I don’t have a set favorite color. It always depends on my mood. Right now I think green.

30. When was the last time you laughed? Today. Willow is getting such a little madam and keeps ordering Stephen to go to his room ‘cause he’s naughty. She’s so cute.

31. Last time you cried? Last night I got a little teary at the end of a sappy movie.

32. Your best friend? My best friend is Naomi. We have known each other since age 9 and been through so much together. We’ve fallen out in the past and sometimes it has gone on way longer than it ever should have but we’ve grown, patched things up and moved on. She’s the only one, besides my husband, who knows me and not just the me we present to people. I still see us being two old widowed ladies in our rocking chairs one day hah. She has just created a new food blog.

33. One place that I go over and over? Walmart (with you on that one Tea!)

34. One person who emails me regularly? Facebook lol. I don’t get many otherwise!

35. Favorite place to eat? Cheesecake Factory! Close second: Cracker Barrel.

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Although I don't think the last one is still active. If you are reading this, please please continue to post!!


Claire said...

Oh I loved the Cheesecake Factory,we went there when we were in Miami yummy.Always regret not trying the key lime pie though.Will have to try and make one.

Kelly Polizzi said...

You know it's funny you should say that but the key lime pie is the only cheesecake I ever got there that I didn't like. I returned it and got my money back! I think the banana cream is definitely the best and I have a good copycat recipe for it!

Tea said...

Congratulations Kelly! I enjoyed reading your answers. :)


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