Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mish Mash

How’d you like to be greeted by this first thing in the morning? Not fun!

My day was OK today. Took me a while to get going, chatting to my best friend in England on the phone being the reason. Gosh that girl can talk! (Just kiddin' Nay, I need excuses!) I started with the above but, of course, my dishwasher isn’t working properly so I can only do a few items at a time which can be frustrating. I’ve got so spoiled by it, I hate doing any dishes by hand :(

I got some laundry going and then Willow and I went to pick up the plates she made at the pottery store. It was nice to see hers in the window when we arrived. She liked that too :)

They both turned out really cute, I think they make ideal presents for grandparents.

After that we went to the store to pick up last minute groceries for the food I’m bringing to Marie's on Thanksgiving. The lines weren’t bad so I was pleasantly surprised.

We stopped off to see Daddy at work so I could pick up some directions. He was going to go to Clyde’s Cyder Mill at some point during his work day to pick up the two gallons of cider for thanksgiving but I figured me and Willow would do that since we were already out and about. Clyde’s was also very non-busy and I was expecting huge lines. Love it! I took the liberty of treating myself to ‘some’ of their delicious fudge (I promise that wasn't that ONLY reason I went!) I have been dreaming about buying some for ages. I got half and half peanut butter-chocolate and just plain chocolate. The chocolate was gone by the end of the night! Mmmm.

So we went home after that and had lunch (leftovers from the turkey dinner at church the night before), I tried to get some tidying done but I’m definitely slowing down the bigger I get. When Willow went down for her nap around 3ish, I caught a quick one too. Much needed.

Shortly after we woke up, Stephen came home and it was time to get the dinner going. Well, a bit late to get it going but it wasn't going to take long. I made pork with rice and veggies using one of those McCormick oven bags and seasoning and was very pleased with how it came out. Sheesh, even Stephen was eating it and he doesn’t care much for pork. Will definitely be making it that way again.

While that was cooking, I made my peanut butter pie for tomorrow to try to get a bit of a head start. I’ll post some pics up of everything I make either tomorrow or the day after. After dinner it was time for yet more dishes … they keep reappearing! And then finally some play time with Willow before putting her to bed.

Now I’m like, uh, what to do? Wish I could relax infront of the TV but my hubby is hogging it with his blasted video games. Maybe I’ll go lie down and read some pregnancy books!


Claire said...

Love the presents for grandparents, they are so sweet.

tea said...

I hate being greeted by that in the morning. Dishes are my worst enemy!

I love Willow's plates! They turned out so cute!

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! :)


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