Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sausage, 'chips' and beans :)

This is Willow's dinner last night. Same as mine, only cut up :)

It may look like ordinary breakfast sausage, fries and baked beans but it’s so much more. It is the cure for my English food cravings! The closest replica I can make of the meal I, and I'm sure many other kiddies in England, grew up eating.

I used Jone's natural breakfast because I have found that they are the closest in taste to your average banger in England. Sausage in the US means something completely different. The fries are different too, so I made my own. The beans I bought from the international aisle at my local supermarket - English section. You can buy vegetarian beans here and they have a similar taste, they are made by Heinz too, but the sauce is a little runny and it's off-putting (same with the cans of spaghetti or ravioli) so I pay the extra few bucks to get them imported. Sometimes I even treat myself to an English chocolate bar at the same time :D

Willow cleaned off her bowl which is always nice to see.

Instead of baking my fries this time (and being healthy), I parboiled them in some salted water, dried them thoroughly and then shallow-fried them over medium-high heat in vegetable oil. Only took a few minutes and they were yummy and crispy. Not bad for a treat. Just need to get some malt vinegar.

Yesterday morning Tiffany (from church) and I took the kids to a little store just around the corner from me called Pottery something-or-other. It only opened about a month ago. The kids got to paint pottery with brushes and hand/foot prints and had fun doing that together. We made a plate for Grandma that said 'Merry Christmas Grandma, love Willow' and a plate for Grandad's birthday next year to give to him when he comes over.

We left the plates at the store and I guess they cook them up in the oven, or whatever they do to make them set, and we'll go back to pick them up next week. What a sweet thing for my little girl to do! She loves to paint. It was decently priced too so I will be going back to maybe make more Christmas presents with Willow. You can do little soap dishes, or mugs, or even little dogs and other animals. I might do one myself next time.

Been suffering from a really annoying cough/sore throat lately. Actually I’ve had it since just before my pregnancy, it’s been that long! But it comes and goes in severity. I’ve basically just learned to live with it. But recently it has become unbearable. My throat is raw! I’m not getting any sleep because I’m up coughing all night or visiting the bathroom thanks to how much I have to drink to avoid coughing (like you don’t go enough when you’re pregnant). I did mention it to my doctors – twice now, but there’s not much I can be given for it. Nothing is really safe for the baby. Siiigh. I’m going to try some lozenges and see how they work. Whining helps a little!

Going to have to swap menu days and have pizza for dinner tonight. The chicken I took out this morning is still frozen :0


Artystitches said...

That sounds such great fun,i would of loved to do that myself never mind the kids lol. Kyle still has his cough which keeps us up no amount of water or medicines helps the little mite!

Tea said...

Ooh, I hope you start feeling better soon!
I love boiled fried potatoes (that's what I call them), I haven't had any in forever though. And the pottery place sounds like fun! :) We ended up with pizza tonight too. :)

Claire said...

Try some vinegar and sugar together, a table spoon should do it.It's really yuk but helps a bit.

Kelly Polizzi said...

Naomi, maybe he needs some antibiotics?

Tea, thanks! I hope so too. I've been given some antiobiotics cause it turns out I have bronchitis so hopefully they will do their thing in a few days.

Claire, Thanks for the suggestion. I actually have been gargling salt water and gagging each time. It's foul! Never heard of that one. Why can't it ever be something that tastes great that works?! :)


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