Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Steak and pasta

I was craving chocolate yesterday (nothing out of the norm) so when I went grocery shopping for meat I came home with a box of brownie mix also.

In the evening Stephen's brothers came over to do some work on their laptops and I thought it would be the perfect time for me to bake them up. I added a few extra add-ins to the mix: vanilla, chocolate chips and a little hershey's chocolate powder. Then I spread the yummy chocolate frosting on top which, to me, is the best part and, they were so deliciously good. Fudgy and chocolatey and smelling great! Right now there's like five left and I've been picking at them on the counter for my breakfast. How is a pregnant lady to resist?

Yesterday's dinner was London broil which I'd marinated in our favorite teriyaki sauce with a simple pasta salad and corn. I grilled the steak outside and actually managed to not burn it to a crisp. Stephen said it was perfect. Unlike the NY strip steaks I did a few days back which I had to give to my mother in law to take home to her dogs hehe!

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Unknown said...

i could just eat a couple of those brownies now mmmmm!


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