Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Apple Smiles

After three or four lovely hot days, the sun has disappeared and everything is rainy and dismal again. Siiigh. I have been hiding out at home. It just seems like so much more hassle trying to get out the door with kids when it’s raining outside. Probably a good thing though, I’ve got lots of laundry and other housework to catch up on.

I made these fun little Apple Smiles for Willow’s snack today. When she saw them and I explained to her that they were ‘marshmallow teeth’ she looked at my teeth for a second and asked if they were marshmallows too lol. No honey, mine are what happens when you eat too many marshmallows!

Apple Smiles
Spread peanut butter on one side of  two apple slices (squeeze a little lemon juice over the apple if not serving immediately).
Place miniature marshmallows on one apple slice and then lay the other apple slice peanut butter side down on top.


Tracey M. said...

Wow, these are so cute!

Unknown said...

oh my goodness kelly! You never showed me this one. I cracked up when I saw it :) This is awesome. I love it!


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