Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Willow's lunch

I won a giveaway a little while back over at mealplanningmommies (my first) and the prize was this necklace from Bezales.com. They turn whatever picture you send them into a beautiful pendant. I love it cause I get to wear my little girl everywhere I go and I've already had lots of compliments on it. It's very eye-catching. Not to mention what a great gift idea it would make!

Willow, Ryder and I went to the park today since it was such a georgous day. She immediately took to one of the little boys there and ran around with him the whole time while I rocked Ryder in the shade. She kept taking her shoes off much to my annoyance! I told her over and over to keep them on and then eventually she burst into tears causing a huge scene saying her feet were burning her because, of course, the ground was hot. We left shortly after!

Then we came home and had lunch. I made a cute little girl (could be a boy?) ham sandwich for Willow with some watermelon stars, banana pudding (and strawberry) and carrots.

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Tracey Monroe said...

I love your meal ideas! I just have to try this with my son. Maybe the fun shapes will interest him since he is so finicky.


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