Monday, August 2, 2010

Willow's Lunch

Ham and cheese owl sandwiches with sugar eyes and cheese accents stuck with a little mayo. Strawberries and tangerine segments. And in the little bucket; dinosaur eggs. OK, not really. But it worked on Willow! It was the first time she actually ate them. Last time she had them, when they were just plain old edamame beans, she turned her nose up at them and refused to even taste one!

For more bento ideas, visit Shannon's linky!


Unknown said...

Cute! lol @ dinosaur eggs!

Sonoma Bento said...

Very clever with the dinosaur eggs comment! Getting kids imagination going is a big part of the fun with bento boxes!

smashbravo said...

This is way TOO adorable, I have a super picky eater too and had never thought of doing anything like this. But where did you get the owl shapes??

We are new to your blog, from Tuesday
Tag Along. Can't wait to see more fun ideas. Take care.

Lisa said...

Hi! I'm your newest follower from Wobble Over Wednesday!!! Nice to meet you! That is just the cutest lunch I've ever seen. What a great mommy you are. :)

Hope you'll come visit & follow me back too.
Lisa xoxo
Raising Future Leaders

Susan said...

So cute!!! Love the Owl sammies!

Ummie said...

I came here after reading RoseBelle's blog of crying baby.

The baby's yours? How wonderful.
I laughed after reading your response.
Not only America, but the world is indeed small.

From another continent - Asia.

Angeleyes said...

Love the little owls! Those sugar eyes made them looked ultra cute!

Gnoe said...

Cute owl twins! looking very wiiiise about the dinosaur eggs ;)

Bethanie said...

Oh my gosh! Love the owls. My two year old loves them too. I think I'm going to steal your bento idea!! ;)

Thanks for following me at

Shannon said...

Oh my! I love the owls!!! Where did you find the cutter for them? Must have one!

Thanks for linking up this week too! :o)

Kelly Polizzi said...

Thanks Shannon. The owls were from a a Wilton cookie cutter set I bought recently. It has some really shapes.


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