Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Carrot Cake Flop

The other day, we celebrated my Mother-in-law's birthday. She and the rest of the family came over for dinner and to open presents. Now because my brother-in-law's are brutally honest (and I do mean brutally), I have to make SURE I cook something that I know they like whenever they come over. And even then it has to be perfectly cooked, perfectly seasoned, with the right brands of everything (i.e. the way my Mother in law would make it!) Think Everybody Loves Raymond. That's my life!

So I made barbecue brisket for dinner. Which is just beef brisket put into the slow cooker with about a cup of water and a little barbecue sauce. When it's done, I take it out, drain the water and add it back smothered in barbecue sauce. Once heated, I shred it and it's soo moist and tasty. I also made rice and for sides; glazed carrots, corn and biscuits (which turned out to be freezer-burned, oops!).

All is going well. Even Marie (that's my MIL) was thrilled with her presents. This is truly a first and we were all shocked. Usually you're lucky if it's not thrown back at you in disgust ... no kiddin'!

Here's the proof that she was happy and I might just frame it!

Although we did make one mistake! Fortunately it was just because she already had it.

Speaking of mistakes though, I made a carrot cake for her birthday. After getting the recipe from a fantastic baker friend and having (somewhat) decent baking skills I thought I couldn't go wrong. I did everything according to what she had written down ... word for word .... very carefully! Like I said, these aren't forgiving people lol.


I didn't leave a lot of time for the decorating so I wasn't going for beautiful. Just decent. I slapped some chopped walnuts on around the edges but admit I could have done a tidier job!

Still, it's a good thing I didn't bother because this was the reaction!

So I don't know what went wrong. Things like this always seem to happen to me whenever I borrow recipes from other people. For example, I have tried to make Marie's roast like ten times! Each time it's dry and burned and hers is juicy and falling apart. Wish I could say it was my oven but I've tried it in two!

 Oh well, you win some, you lose some. At least my Mother in Law had a nice time lol :) 


The Little Blog about kids... said...

I can't imagine anything you cook would turn out bad - send it over here - we'll eat it :)

Ashley said...

Kel, your MIL sounds like a b*#%c! haha. Your a wonderful DIL to work so hard to make everything perfect. Bummer your cake didn't turn out, I doubt it was deserving of that strong reaction tho. Sheesh!

Ashley said...

Kel, your MIL sounds like a b*#%c! haha. Your a wonderful DIL to work so hard to make everything perfect. Bummer your cake didn't turn out, I doubt it was deserving of that strong reaction tho. Sheesh!

Kelly Polizzi said...

The Little Blog: Oh it can and does! But every now and then I get it right lol

Ashley: ahh it was funny, I didn't mind. But she is anything but, she is a very wonderful lady who just has her quirks!!

Jenni Price Illustration said...

The cake really looked good I thought. I like how you put little carrots on top! Also I just awarded you a stylish blogger award that you can pick up at my blog:


Just a MOM (Lina) said...

Happy Birthday for your MIL!!!
And that beef brisket sounds so yummmmyyy .... I am going to make it maybe this coming weekend for a family dinner.

Grace Matthews said...

That's why I don't talk to my MIL...LOL

Fellow Blog Hopper:)

tea said...

It sounds like you take it all in good fun. I think I would be telling them that they could make all the food.

I thought your cake looked good.

Eschelle said...

wow... if my MIL or ANYONE coming into MY HOUSE EVER did that i would snap and kick them out. There are no excuses for being rude, especially to family, they just teach your kids bad habits.. why i don't talk to my ahole father. GGRRRR rude ppl tick me off


Angeleyes said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your MIL!

The cake looks fine to me though but I must confess that making carrot cake is one very risky adventure! I baked that once and for some reasons, the center refused to be baked and my entire cake actually sunk!

Since then I dare not attempt any carrot cakes no matter how healthy it is! :P

Kimberley said...

Wow, talk about pressure! Dealing with a MIL is tricky business lol The brisket sounds yummy and the cake looked good to me! Carrot cake my hubby's favorite and I have yet to make one from scratch, too scared!

Jenn said...

LOL at the dishes on top of the cake! I would've done it too, but without even tasting it first. Boo-hiss to vegetable cakes...where's the chocolate?!

Now, is you MIL's name actually Marie or is it another Everybody Loves Raymond reference?

Kelly Polizzi said...

Jenni:thank you for liking my little carrots! And thanks so much for the award!! :)

Lina: Yay, you won't be sorry! Lemme know how it goes

Grace - haha well mine is actually a really nice lady. I think it's funny that she is like this with presents. In that, its-so-awful-it's-funny kinda way :b

Tea - it's great to hear from you!! Thank you and I was tempted to!

Eschelle - i don't like rude people either believe me, but they do it all in fun ... if a little over the top at times. I do agree though that it teaches kids bad habits!! I have a problem there.

Angeleyes - oh no! That has happened to me before too!! It's all part of the fun of baking though, don't let that stop you!

Kimberley - aww thanks :) You should give it a try, never know, it might turn out even better!

Kelly Polizzi said...

Jenn: I prefer a good chocolate cake too but guess why I couldn't make that!

My MIL's name is actually Marie. I told you, it's my life! haha

Kelly said...

The cake looks beautiful - even though it might not have tasted good! Still - that's pretty rude to react that way. Even though you take it well it's just mean. You worked really hard!

Mizzreviewlady said...

it looks good too bad it didnt turn out well:( i am your newest follower. http://mizzreviewlady-mommyreviews.blogspot.com/

Hayley said...

hmmmm maybe I shouldn't introduce myself with a negative comment, but uh, I am going to anyway. I REALLY hope your MIL is not the one who did that to your cake. If so, she doesn't deserve another one. Right? You seem really thoughtful and it is good of you to treat your MIL with kindness. Your blog is great and I am trying to learn from it!

Kelly Polizzi said...

thanks kelly. they were just playing, really. they're not rude :)

Kelly Polizzi said...

Mizz: thank you :)

Hayley: nooo my MIL insisted the cake was fine. She really is a sweet lady, I guess I should make it more obvious I'm kidding in my posts LOL It was actually my husband and I think maybe one of his brothers who were putting things on the cake. No offense was taken, I agree it was awful and deserving of such punishment! Thanks for introducing yourself lol Glad you like my blog, I am going over to check out yours!

Caren said...

Kelly, I think MILs PURPOSELY leave out key ingredients to their recipes so it's impossible for us daughter-in-laws to make it as good as their Moms did. HUMPH!

It sounds like our daughter's appearances and our love for bento aren't the only think we have in common...I can TOTALLY relate to the in-laws ;)

KidsDreamWork said...

Wish your MIL a belated happy birthday! She certainly looks very happy in the photo! You are such a wonderful DIL! I don't see anything wrong with the cake, is there? In fact it look so nice!

Claire said...

Wow I think you made a great meal and cake,glad she like her present.


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