Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Willow's Lunch

Finally January is over. What a long and busy month! Willow had her princess party and loved it! Here are a few pics ....

Princess Willow's Special 4th Birthday Party 036
We had the party in a hotel banquet room due to a last minute change of plans (due to the room we'd originally chosen being booked and us finding out while decorating it a few hours before!). My friend Kelly did the decorating and she made this throne for Princess Willow although she didn't sit in it much, she was too busy running around all over the place.

Princess Willow's Special 4th Birthday Party 031
All the food and drinks had a cute name which my mother in law made labels for such as Stepmother's Fruit Tea.

Princess Willow's Special 4th Birthday Party 030
Princess Punch

Princess Willow's Special 4th Birthday Party 063
Her Majesty's Cream Cheese and Blueberry Crackers

Princess Willow's Special 4th Birthday Party 065
Pink Princess Popcorn

Princess Willow's Special 4th Birthday Party 067
and Cinderella's Pumpkin Bread. There were also, Knights in Armor (pigs in a blanket), Princess Sceptors (marshmallows on a lollypop stick dipped in chocolate with sprinkles and a pink M&M on the top. An idea I found on another blog somewhere), Princess pops (brownies on sticks), Golden Goose Eggs (devilled eggs), Ariel's Shell Delight (chicken salad-stuffed phyllo shells), King Triton's kielbasa, Medieval meatballs etc. Wish I'd gotten a picture of it all but I was concentrating on getting pics of the kids having fun.

So this is the cake I finally went with after changing my mind a zillion times. An easy sheet cake with a 6" round cake on top. Decorated with some crushed Graham crackers for sand, chocolate shells and starfish which I made using molds, little fondant characters, flowers and coral, The Little Mermaid figurines and an Ariel candle. Willow loved it. I actually did all the decorating during one of her naps but I'd made everything fondant a couple days ahead of time. For the cake board, I covered it in foil that I'd scrunched and crinkled and then covered that in blue cellophane to look like water.

The sheet cake was just a boxed funfetti mix. These are the colorful cake trimmings which I had to resist nibbling on.The round cake on top was a yellow cake.

Princess Willow's Special 4th Birthday Party 023
We hired a Cinderella princess for the kids and she was wonderful. She really made the party.

Princess Willow's Special 4th Birthday Party 085
She did face-painting, singing, story-telling, crowning of the birthday girl, party bags, pictures and lots of fun games and prizes. Would definitely recommend Once Upon a Time Parties if you're anywhere near RI.

Princess Willow's Special 4th Birthday Party 096

Princess Willow's Special 4th Birthday Party 167

A thrilled Willow with Cinderella. 
Princess Willow's Special 4th Birthday Party 178_picnik

The kids scrambling for the pinata loot.

Princess Willow's Special 4th Birthday Party 205
Willow opening her presents. This went on forever.

Princess Willow's Special 4th Birthday Party 095
My baby boy was exhausted. He slept the whole time on my other friend Kelli.

So I haven't had much time or desire to do bento lunches this month. At least not cute ones. But hopefully I'll get back on the ball this February.

I do have a couple of pictures. This was a quick lunch I made for Willow the other day. Peanut butter sandwiches I made using cutters with stamps, some bunny and chickie crackers, carrots and cucumber with ranch dip.


And this I made yesterday in the VERY cute Din Din Smart Stainless Bus Platter that was very kindly sent to me from MySweetMuffin.com. I had really wanted one for a while now so I was excited to receive it! Oh and so was Willow of course lol.

Egg salad, peas, goldfish crackers, vanilla yogurt with a few blueberries and some oranges slices.

Don't you just love this tin? How fun. It has five little compartments so not only does the food not touch each other (and we all know about that right?) but you can use it to teach about the food groups. It's non-toxic and BPA, Phthalate, PVC and Lead Free. So need to worry about that and best of all IMO; dishwasher safe! 
It's nice and small and dinky but, as you can see, holds more than enough food. You can get these on the mysweetmuffin.com site along with so many other cute things they have. Check out the bento boxes!

I hope they make one for grown ups too!


Just a MOM (Lina) said...

My Oh My! I am so jealous of you, I can never have princess party ...
Happy Birthday Willow!! TFS the pictures ^__^

Jill said...

What an awesome princess party! Looks like Willow LOVED it!

tatabonita (y-rahmasari) said...

Happy birthday Little Princess :D.

Kelly said...

I cannot get over how adorable everything is. What a great party!!!

Ashley said...

Her party looks like it was a huge success! I love that bus platter too! xo

Jenni Price Illustration said...

I absolutely LOVE your cake! You really did a very nice job on it and I like the blue "water" around the cake too!

Shannon said...

We had a princess party for Faith's 4th birthday, with a Cinderella too. The best part was that she cleaned up afterwards too (that was the workaholic Cinderella not the princess Cinderella).

Angeleyes said...

Little Willow is one LUCKY girl!
I also want a party like her!!! :P


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