Monday, March 7, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday

First MTM in a couple of weeks for Willow. She had pizza stars, a half-boiled egg, strawberries and melon, broccoli and carrots with Ranch dip and some sliced bananas. She ate it all, leaving a little broccoli and strawberry/melon.

If you want to see some other fun Muffin Tin Mondays or share one of your own, go over to Michelle's blog here.

I feel so honored today. A VERY talented friend of ours; Rachel Crafton mentioned my blog on her blog! When I say talented, I don't mean that lightly either. Check out the different categories on the left sidebar of her blog. Thanks Rachel, for thinking me worthy :)

In other news, my little boy (see his adorable face on my sidebar under Willow's pic) is sick with an ear infection. Not a rare thing I understand but something I've never encountered before as a Mom. Willow never fell asleep with a bottle (unlike Ryder) and so was never prone to it. I feel so bad for him because he got this horrible fever right after just shaking off one for a viral infection. And it began two days before the weekend this time so it wasn't until Monday (today) that he saw the doctor who said that was the cause. So he will begin some antibiotics and finally get better. Hate seeing my happy little boy miserable! Not to mention how exhausted I am!

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Sugary Flower said...

You poor thing, it's awful when they're sick. My girl has started Kindy this year, so we are having cold after cold, but so far have managed to avoid The Dreaded Ear Infection... Love Willow's MTM - looks so pretty & yummy too!


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