Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Class 3

Yesterday was the third class of course 1 and we learned how to make quite a few things. Mainly the Wilton rose and the derby clowns. Unfortunately my icing was too soft to make the rose and it just became impossible. So while everyone was practicing that, I watched a bit so I could practice them at home and then concentrated on making the clowns. They were actually quite easy to do. I piped two clowns on top of my cake and quickly rushed a shell border around the edges. Both got smoodged in the cake carrier on the way home but I was able to fix the clowns somewhat. This time I made a devil’s food cake from a doctored box mix, a nutella filling and a vanilla buttercream frosting. The cakes baked beautifully and were nice and moist but I have learned that chocolate cake + nutella + sweet buttercream frosting is just too much of a sugar overload! Wow.


Artystitches said...

yeah those devils food cake come out lovely but very sweet! are you still having problems commenting on my blog?

Anonymous said...

i cant even get your blog up! everytime i open it, IE crashes on me. Have you got some bugged out background?!


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