Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Busy day

This is my little girl having a great time at the Crystall Mall yesterday. While watching her run around with her newly made friends I envied how easy it is to make them at that age. Sometimes no words are even said. They just start chasing eachother and become buddies! So cute. I really need to get her out more. She does so great with other kiddies. Not to mention myself. With Stephen doing two jobs right now (his photo booth company and regular job), it's become a necessity. I feel loneliness beginning to creep in.

So after the mall, I took Willow home and made her some lunch and then went on the internet in search of some mommy and toddler groups to join. Good place to start. I found some that look perfect for me. Local and friendly and through them got some new ideas for places to take Willow this fall. I'm very pleased.

I took a nap with Willow and then did some tidying, 'made' dinner (microwave meals for us both!) and then made some scones. Another recipe I'm trying out for the international luncheon at church at the end of October. I wish I saved one I made in the past. But this was good and better in flavor. I used cranberries, raisins, orange zest and a little orange juice in place of the ginger and lemon zest called for and it was a good choice. Made them nice and seasonal.

So I made a couple for me and Willow to try, put one in the fridge for Stephen's breakfast this morning and froze the remaining unbaked scones in the freezer. It didn't make much, just about 8 in total.

Recipe for Scones
12 ounces unbleached all-purpose flour
2.5 ounces sugar
pinch salt
1 tablespoon baking powder
1 teaspoon finely chopped lemon zest
6 ounces unsalted butter, cut into 1-inch cubes and frozen
4 ounces candied ginger, finely chopped into 1/4-inch pieces
3/4 cup heavy cream, plus extra for the tops (I used half and half and didnt bother with the tops)

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Meanwhile, whip the cream until frothy, not quite to soft peaks.

Combine dry ingredients with sugar. Add lemon zest and butter and cut with two knives or rub with your fingers until it looks like breadcrumbs.

Transfer to a large bowl, add the chopped ginger and stir it in. Make a well in the center and add the cream. Fold the ingredients together until combined, then knead by hand once or twice, lightly, until the dough gathers into a ball. (If making small scones, divide the dough into two balls).

On a lightly floured board, pat the dough into disks (or a disk) about 3/4 inch thick and using a long knife, cut into wedges (cut the large disk into eight if making large scones, cut the half-size disks into six pieces each if making smaller ones).

Arrange the wedges on a baking sheet and paint with additional cream. Bake for 14 - 16 minutes until slightly browned.

Makes 8 large or 12 smaller scones.

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Artystitches said...

yes it is nice to get out especially with willow at her age. they just drive you insane indoors, now the winter is creeping in it will not be so easy to get them out and about so indoors places will be best. glad she had a good time, the scones sounds yummy! how is the crochet getting along?


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