Thursday, September 17, 2009

Spaggy Bol.

I apologise for the bad pic. The lunch, and the picture was a little rushed this morning as I had to get out the door myself to go to church. I was looking after the kiddies in the nursery during the women's weekly prayer meeting and just wanted to get Stephen and Willow their lunch and breakfasts. It's leftover spaghetti bolognese from yesterday's dinner, some apple wedges with lemon juice (to stop the browning) and cinnamon sugar (to curb the sourness) plus a container of peanut butter/honey in the bag, and then just some trail mix from the batch I made up the other day. I threw in a little note too :) He emailed and said thanks and told me that the lunch stayed hot which I'm pleased about. Mr bento is doing his job.

I'm hoping Stephen has the day off tomorrow due to working the ENTIRE last weekend. If so, we're going to go to the fair. I can't wait because I know Willow is going to be thrilled to see the animals and go on the rides.


Unknown said...

have a good time tomorrow, thanks for the comment on my blog, don't forget sit down with the video tutorial i gave you and your hook and wool and copy what she does, let me know how you get on xx

Kelly Polizzi said...

she already seems to have some wool on the hook before she starts and thats whats throwing me off. She doesnt teach that part!


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