Monday, September 14, 2009

Stephen's lunch today was leftover chili, salad (i forgot his croutons), banana bread and yogurt with frozen blackberries to keep it cold.

This weekend has been really rough. Stephen worked from friday to Sunday doing a server upgrade and I stayed home with Willow - at her worst, with very little sleep to go on. I don't know what it is lately but she just refuses to go to sleep for both nap times and night time. She can scream, 'mommy mommy' for hours straight. You'd think at some point she'd fall asleep but it usually ends up with me going in twenty times to console her or get her up. Very frustrating. I just hope I can put a stop to it before the new baby arrives or I'm going to be a walking zombie for a while!

Today I have a doctors appointment. They said during the last one that they expect to be able to hear the heartbeat with just a doppler machine without using ultrasound by this time. But I'm hoping to get another ultrasound out of it. Maybe they'll be able to see the sex at this point. I'm dying to find out.

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Unknown said...

i am dying to now as well, i want to know straight away lol!


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