Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Another update

Yesterday I was meant to take Willow to babygym but once I got us ready and in the car I knew I wasn’t going to make it on time. I blame it on my dad for calling when he did and slowing us down! So I decided to take her to the mall to make up for it and fortunately she didn’t seem to care.

When we got there, some children were just leaving and no more ended up coming. I let her play on the slide for a bit and then we went around the stores. Maybe I should have let her burn off some more energy because it was a real pain trying to keep her next to me. I bought some baby clothes (I try so hard not to!!), and some stocking fillers for Willow. Things like chapstick (so she can stop messing with my lipstick!), a glitter ball, ponies, wind-up toys, goldfish crackers, dangly Christmas tree decorations, puppets, silly putty and … I can’t remember what else! I got a lot of it cheap at Walmart and she was kept busy there playing with the toys on the shelves. My little girl is going to love Christmas this year!

I did some grocery shopping also and then we went home. Somewhere in there we stopped at Stephen’s job to say hi really quick because he was going to be working with Mike that evening and it’s just too long to go without seeing my hubby wubbys!

Stephen is out again tonight at school so another evening just me and Willow.

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