Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Menu Plan for this week

I am going to make a much bigger effort to stick to menu plans from now on. If the days get swapped that's fine but I need to at least have a plan to fall back on. Fed up of wondering what to make for dinner and, oh no!, can't make that, don't have the ingredients! So this will help me with my shopping AND the new budget we are starting next month. I can try to work the menus around what's on sale. Here's the one I came up with for this week. I'll try to get some pics of the new recipes I try out.

Monday: Leftover ground beef/veg with mashed potatoes.
Tuesday: Stephen at school. Baked cod with fries for me and Willow.
Wednesday: Orange chicken and rice (new recipe).
Thursday: Pork chops and potatoes.
Friday: Au Gratin chicken bake (new recipe).
Saturday: Steak, tettrazine, salad.
Sunday: Leftovers/pizza.


Unknown said...

I do my menu planning every wed or thursday as i order the shopping every thursday which is then delivered on a friday.
Need to do my menu for the coming week today.
I like the like i add it to my reader, if you have any other good foodie blog links feel free to pass them onto me.

Unknown said...

just re-read what i wrote above lol and i was supposed to put 'i like the link you put in this post i have added it to my reader'!!!

Kelly Polizzi said...

its a link to a really great blog. You add your name to the list and link to your menu every monday and can see other's menu's too for inspiration.


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