Monday, October 12, 2009

Busy days

Things have been busier than usual for me lately. Been spending some nice time with the hubs on his random time off or taking my girl out and about getting errands run. We had a nice family day at Holmberg Orchards on Saturday. Apple picking and pumpkin...looking. I wanted a baking pumpkin and since we never saw any, we just ended up letting Willow run around and play with the big carving ones. Stephen's Mom came too so it was really nice for Willow. She took Willow home with her right afterward and Stephen and I went home, cleaned out our cars and then went to Clyde's Cyder Mill and bought some fresh baked donuts, fresh cider and some of the best fudge (if not the) that I have ever had.

After that, we drove to Boston to visit with a friend (Cathy) and meet up with Stephen's brother Mike. Then we, along with Mike, Cathy and her husband Chris went to a nice restaurant near their house. It was good to see them and also good to spend time with Stephen without Willow. I feel guilty for saying that :/

Just a great day.

I haven't made a whole lot of lunches for Stephen lately. Here's a pic of the last one. It's a chicken salad pita pocket with fruit, a mini twix and some nuts. He didn't eat it but I don't blame him looking at it! Those pitas are hard to assemble, tearing all over the place. He's also not a big chicken salad fan but I had some leftover roast chicken to use up.

I didn't make a lunch today because Stephen is coming home at lunch time. He's working a half day due to going in in the evening on Sunday to do server stuff. So we are going to go look for a new couch. I want to make the switch to leather both for comfort and easy clean-up etc. Plus, I just don't like the couch we have. It's uncomfortable and getting stained from spills. So right now I'm just getting things tidy around the house, or at least I will be once I finish muh bloggin' ;) I have a new recipe cooking away in my crockpot from a friend. It's a chicken casserole and dumpling meal. If it's anything like hers was when we went to her house for dinner, it's going to be delicious!

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Artystitches said...

sounds like your having a great time!


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