Monday, October 26, 2009


The international luncheon at church went quite well. I was a bit late getting my Shepherd’s pie there but most of it disappeared anyway - there were lots of people there! All of my Bakewell tart went and the cheese and pineapple toothpicks. I got a few pics but they’re not great ... I was using Stephen’s camera which had been sitting in the cold car getting frosty for days.

Here's my Shepherd's pie. I tried to make it with a little more flavor to suit American tastebuds heh. I added garlic to both the beef and the mashed potatoes and more seasonings than I usually do.

Bakewell tart. Sooo good.

And the cheese and pineapple. I could have arranged them neater, I know. But at least I did red and blue toothpicks to represent the Union Jack?

After the luncheon we drove to IKEA to get a ‘few’ things. My wonderful hubby let me just go crazy on baby stuff. We got a changing table (we have one already but I hate it and it’s huge, this one is small and will give us much more room), lots of blankets, pillows and duvet covers (only place I can seem to find duvet covers in CT!), an easel for one of Willow’s Christmas presents along with paint, crayons, chalk and paper to go with it. I also got her some big girl cups. And for the house we bought some much needed tall glasses, A duvet for our bed, cutlery, candles and some vases with pretty fake flowers. Very happy :D

Willow was a tough cookie throughout, wanting to be held and whining – she’d skipped her nap, but I have to admit that part of me likes it a little when she’s like that because it’s the only time she’ll give me cuddles! It’s just too bad I’m too pregnant to hold her and walk very long. She’s so heavy! The other day I took a tumble in nursery at church trying to do just that!

After IKEA we all went to Cracker Barrel restaurant. Another sweet thing on Stephen’s part because he hates Cracker Barrel. I’ve been craving it since the start of my pregnancy and the only chance we have to go really is when we’re at IKEA because it’s so close by. The food was yummy! Willow was out like a light on the way home. She had a busy day!

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Glad it went ok in the end :o)


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