Saturday, January 30, 2010

3 today!

Happy birthday to my beautiful precious baby girl, Willow. She is three years old today! I am three years old as a Mommy hah. I'm so proud of her. She brings sunshine to everyday for me.

She doesn't know it's her birthday actually because we're doing her a small party next Sunday and I didn't want her to be confused and ask where her cake was etc. Next Sunday seems to be the day everyone can manage to be there, especially the all important person; Grandma, who works odd days. We were going to do it at our house but I think it's going to end up at Grandma's just 'cause it's easier for everyone to get to right after church and that's where the usual get-togethers are.

I have decided I am going to make her a pony cake (since she can't make up her mind!), put around streamers everywhere and blow up lots of balloons for her to walk into when she wakes up. Plus, of course, the presents. Then after church we'll take the cake and whatever other food I have made over to Marie's and spend the afternoon there before heading back to church in the evening and then back to Marie's to watch the Superbowl in the evening. I'm sure there will be no nap that day!

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Tea said...

What a cute little girl! Happy Birthday to her!! Your birthday ideas sound great! :)


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