Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Willow's 3rd Birthday Party

Sunday we celebrated Willow's 3rd birthday (which was actually on 30th Jan). In the morning she had breakfast and opened her presents. My Dad got to see her do this on web cam which was really nice.

Then we took lunch over to Stephen’s parent’s house. I wish I’d gotten a pic of the food, it was soo good. We made barbecue and teriyaki beef/chicken/vegetable shish kebobs, rice, and chilli.
Willow insisted on having a hot dog and as it was her party, that’s what she got :)

After lunch she opened more presents and then blew out her candle on the pony cake I'd made for her. I was really pleased with how it turned out even though it was tricky to frost. (I definitely won't be using store-bought frosting in the future to get a nice smooth cake.) But the main thing is that Willow was really pleased with it and kept swiping at it with her finger when she thought no one was looking!

Mike (Stephen’s brother) immediately gobbled up the Junior Mint eye on the cake right after the singing was done, much to Willow’s horror. She stood up in her chair with tears in her eyes and, pointing at mike; demanded the eyeball back hah. We had to distract her to get her to forget about it.

We hung out for the whole day and watched the Superbowl in the evening with pizza. I don't understand the game at all but enjoyed just being with family.


Claire said...

Happy Birthday Willow :).

Tea said...

sounds like a great birthday! Good job on the pony cake! :)

Unknown said...

You done a great job, glad she had a good day x

Kelly Polizzi said...

thank you!


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