Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mexican Beef Curry

It's nice to see I still have a few readers despite my long absence from here. Life has got really busy for me lately and blogging has had to take a bit of a backseat :( Even if all I do is post a few pics of food!

My little one is doing really well. He's three weeks old now and getting cuter by the day! Just a couple of weeks away from that first smile ... can't wait! The only issues I'm having are with sleep! I know; pretty normal when you've had a newborn. He refuses to go down in his bassinet and just wants to lie on me to fall asleep, which makes me feel close to him and it's nice and all but I worry about him rolling off of me all the time. And he has a couple of times but fortunately onto the pillows that I put there. I once read or heard someone say that anything - good or bad, doesn't usually last longer than 3 months with babies. And that always gave me comfort with Willow. I found it to be true too. Hopefully by 3 months he'll find the bassinet more appealing. And then it will be time for the crib!

Anyway, onto food. I got this recipe from Sandre Lee of the Food Network channel and changed it up a bit. It was originally for fajitas too but it's great over rice as a sort of curry.

Mexican Beef Curry

1-2 lbs beef round steak (I find 1 lb is enough for 2 people)
1 pkt Fajita seasoning mix plus 1 or 2 tbsp Ortego Chipolte taco seasoning
1 onion, thickly sliced
1 ½ red peppers, thickly sliced long (they disintegrate while cooking)
1 green pepper, thickly sliced long
Seasonings: salt and pepper, a little garlic powder and a little onion salt (feel free to change these up)
½ cup water

Rinse steaks with water and pat dry.

Season both sides of the steak with ½ the Fajita mix pkt.

Place the onions and peppers on the bottom of the slow cooker.

Slice the steaks quite thickly and place on top of the vegetables.

Pour over the remaining fajita mix, the chipotle taco seasoning, a sprinkle of regular taco seasoning, remaining seasonings and ½ cup water. Stir together.

Cover and cook on low for 8 hours.

Drain off some of the liquid and serve with yellow or basmati rice. If making fajitas, drain off all the liquid.

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Claire said...

He just wants hi mummy lol.The curry looks sooo good.


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