Friday, April 2, 2010

Kid-friendly Meals

For years now I have been collecting cook books. I have all kinds but I mostly tend to buy kid-friendly recipe books. I go through each book and copy up the recipes that I want to try some time onto the computer and file them away under their different categories. I know most people would find it easier to scan them but, and maybe it’s just our scanner, it seems to take me less time to type the recipes than to bother with cropping them etc plus it’s all part of my ritual :D

Because I’ve been doing this so long now I’ve built up quite a good collection of recipes and I think it would be fun to try to make some this month and post pictures of the results. I'll also share some recipes that I make already that Willow enjoys. Hopefully it’ll offer a little inspiration to other Moms who, like me, get into ruts when it comes to cooking.

Starting with kid-friendly breakfasts, here’s what I’ll (be aiming to) make:
  • UFO Bagel
  • Bunny Rabbit Pancakes with Showstopper Strawberry Topping
  • Fantasy Cinnamon Applewiches
  • Classic Crepes
  • Egg with a Hat
  • Breakfast Sundae
  • Bananas on Toast
  • Sunny-Side Up Waffles
  • Scrambled Egg in Toast Cups

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tea said...

Sounds fun! I'll be taking some notes I'm sure. :)


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