Saturday, April 3, 2010

Breakfast #1 Egg with a Hat

… or in a hole, or a basket as it has also been known by. Just three ingredients, this is real simple to make.

Start with a slice of bread. Cut a hole in the bread with a round cookie cutter (or heart, flower, star). The rim of a glass would also work. Make sure to save the little circle of bread you removed. This is your hat :)

Heat a frying pan or griddle to medium heat and then add 1 tablespoon of butter.

When the butter has melted, drop in your slice of bread along with the little bread circle or cut out shape and fry lightly on one side. Couple of minutes maybe.

Flip the bread over and reduce the heat to low. Now crack the egg into the hole in the middle of the bread. If you’re like me and not very good at cracking eggs without having to dig out the shell, it might be a good idea to crack the egg into a small ramekin or bowl first and then pour it in rather than burning your fingers!

Cover the pan and cook the toast for a few minutes or until the egg has set up. If you like your egg over-easy, flip the egg and bread and cook it on the other side.

I put the ‘hat’ on top :b


Unknown said...

we make these all the time at home aswell, we call them eggy windows :)

Tracey M. said...

I'm brand new to your blog but already know I want to be a follower ;) I love this cute way of making egg and toast. I think my son will love it too! Thanks.

Kelly Polizzi said...

hi tracey, thanks for following. I like your blogs too! Hope your son enjoys it!


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