Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sunny-Side Up Waffles

I love this one. Waffles that look like they have fried eggs on top (great for an April Fool's Day breakfast hah). Again, just three ingredients: waffles, thick vanilla or plain yogurt and canned apricot halves. If your child isn't a fan of apricots you could try peach halves also, same effect. And you could mix things up by using blueberry or cinnamon etc flavored waffles.

Sunny-Side Up Waffles

Put toasted waffle on a plate.
Spoon some yogurt on top of the waffle.
Put your apricot halves onto a paper towel first to dry off any juice and then place them, rounded side up, on the top of the yogurt to look like the egg yolk :D

1 comment:

Tea said...

At fist this one scared me. ..I thought, eww, what's wrong with that egg?! ..Now I know why the yolk's so dark, it's not an egg. ;) This sounds like it would be really good! :)


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