Sunday, April 11, 2010

UFO Bagel

UFO Bagel

What’s worse than turning 30? Being sick and turning 30. The past few days have been pretty miserable. I caught the full-on flu. Fever, cold, body aches and all. Fortunately, it seems to be on it’s way out now but I am still left with a killer sore throat and a popping ear. I am so grateful for my husband taking the day off on Friday so I could rest. Even though he did tell me how awful I looked!

Here's my flying saucer bagel from the Family Fun site. Not sure how much it resembles one but it looks weird enough to be enjoyed by kids. I spread Willow's with cream cheese and mandarins ... or 'baby oranges' as she calls them.  She ate the bagel but flat out refused to eat the egg. I figured that's what she would do so I made this when I was in the mood for an egg :)

See the how-to video for this complicated recipe here.

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tea said...

that's a cute one! :)


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