Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cookie Bouquet

Just to add a few more late pics to my Mother's day post ....

Presenting: Willow's Mother's day gift for Grandma.

I found the little vase at Walmart for a dollar and bought some pink stones to go inside. I was going to get pink M&Ms but, for some reason, my MIL gets mad if you buy her too much chocolate! For me, there's no such thing (so feel free!)

Then I helped Willow make some cute cookie pops to go in it, using Pillsbury sugar cookie dough.

It would be nice if I could leave it there but I feel compelled to give some advice to other confused bakers out there. See, before making these, there were three things I didn't know about sugar cookies.

1) The dough is very sticky and a nightmare to try to roll out. You should have seen how lightly I dusted flour to begin with and how little flour I was left with at the end! lol

2) I also didn't realize that you're actually meant to bake the cookies for less time than the package suggests (anyone know why it suggests the time it does then? Are they just playing with me?).

3) Sugar cookies grow! Who knew!

So, needless to say, my first few batches were a burnt, over-expanded mess but when I started taking them out earlier and using smaller cookie cutters to cut them out, they turned out fine. Good even. More importantly; Willow had fun making something for her Grandma (and running around after all the sugar).

Here she is, proud of her creation:


Tea said...

This is a really fun idea! :)

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