Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dump Cake

This is the perfect thing to make when you need to throw a dessert together without much fuss. Because, like the name suggests, you just dump all the ingredients in and then bake until it's done. It's not the healthiest but it's surprisingly good! I made this the last time we had people over for dinner and everyone loved it.
You'll need one box of yellow or white cake mix. 1 can of crushed pineapple in juice, one can of cherry pie filling (you could use blueberry too) and 1 cup (2 sticks) of butter. But you could use 1 1/2 sticks.

Start by dumping your can of cherry pie filling into a greased 9x13 pan.

Next, dump the pineapple - juice too.

And mix altogether.

Pour the cake mix directly over the mixture and spread out evenly with a fork. You could add chopped walnuts or pecans too here.

Next, slice up the butter into 'pats'.

And lay them over the cake mix. Put the guilty thoughts aside ... keep reminding yourself how good it's going to taste when that butter melts into the cake mix, hee!

Plop this in your oven at 350F for about 50 minutes or until it's golden in color and beginning to bubble up. Then, eat it warm or cold. I prefer warm with vanilla ice cream.

I forgot to take a pic until there was only this left.


Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

I found your blog via Homemaker's Heart. WOW, this is easy and looks awesome. I am not a great cook so anything simple and it looks good is tops. Thank you for posting this.
I adore how you make your children's food so cute. Will have to pass these ideas onto the DIL.

Jen said...

Oh my goodness! This is exactly how I make my peach cobbler. I think it's the BEST recipe!


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