Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sunny Scrambled Eggs

Who says scrambled eggs have to just be dumped on a plate. Make them more attractive by adding some buttery “rays” of toast. I got this idea from Annabel Karmel who’s books I usually avoid because her recipes for kids always seem too gourmet for my liking (she’s English and most English chefs seem to do that! Is it just me?) But her book: Mom and Me Cookbook is different. I took it out at the library and it’s got lots of fun easy recipes kids would gobble with great little step by step pics to follow. I’m looking forward to trying some of the others in it.

Since this is such a difficult recipe, you'll need a willing assistant to make it!

Here's mine! Always eager to cook with Mommy lol.

Start by cracking 2 eggs (or however many you want) into your bowl.

Add a tbsp of milk for each egg you use.

Then whisk up!

Melt a little butter in a skillet over medium heat and pour the egg/milk mixture in.

Keep whisking.

....until the mixture thickens and begins to looks set.

Spoon onto a plate and arrange buttered toast sticks to look like a sun :D


Unknown said...

what a pretty chef! kyle had scrambled eggs and sausages the other day. yum! yum!

Tea said...

What a cute little assistant! Love her apron too! :)


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