Saturday, March 12, 2011

Willow's Lunch

My little girl started a 'trial day' at her new school last Wednesday. Or what we are considering for a new school anyway. It's a choice between two very good ones. She absolutely loved it, as I knew she would, and she asked immediately if she could go back the next day. But unfortunately she has to wait until August. 

Not much bento-making around here lately. Here's what she had the other day. Not sure which day exactly. Just one I happened to snap a pic of.

 A bologna sandwich thin with some dried apples and melon/strawberries. She ate it all :)

Today I am concentrating on cleaning my kitchen. Which entails the counters, floors, cupboards, walls, drawers ... everything. Yes, I made another cake lol. It was a very simply frosted (vanilla) cake (with banana cream filling) so I have no excuse really except that I only had an hour to decorate. It was for my lovely, but sometimes trying to say the least, brother-in-law and I had to make a mad dash out of the door with the kids after it was done to take it to his (un)party.

"I'm in charge" is Mike's favorite thing to say. Or yell!, whatever.

1 comment:

Naomi said...

Good news on willow going to school it will do her good and give you a bit of a break.

She looks so grown up, bless her!

That cake sounds yummy scrummy!


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