Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Willow's Lunch

Just a simple cheese teddy bear lunch today, on a round turkey sandwich. With some halved grapes, baby carrots and cucumber. She actually ate it all, including the carrots. 

Ryder has, what I think is, his 25th cold of this year. I'm exaggerating of course but it sure feels like it. He is constantly a wet, sloppy mess. His nose running and his mouth drooling everywhere he goes. I hope once it gets warmer he will get over these colds and be less cranky. Then again, it could be due to a shot he had last week at the doctors. 

Despite that though, we did have a good morning. He slept most of it but when he was awake, he was pretty cheerful. Here's a pic of him waking up after his nap and his big sis playing peekaboo with him in his crib. He loves it when she comes into his room (or our room!)

Smudgy mirrors make great backgrounds! 

Willow has been so looking forward to go to the duck pond when the warmer weather comes so she was very excited today when I told her we were going to go. I was hoping there'd be ducks so she wouldn't be disappointed. 

On the way there, we stopped at Macdonald's driveway which had a huge line of cars infront of us. So I told Willow to make some faces and took pics while we waited.

Here's her 'normal' face.
Here's her 'silly' face.
Here's her 'mad' face, which I said wasn't mad-looking enough.
So here's her 'even-madder' face lol.
Here's her 'sleepy' face.
And here's her laughing-at-Mommy's-silly-faces face :)

The things you do!

We were both very happy to see the geese in the pond as we drove up to it. There were so many in fact. All over the grassy area where she could be near them and feed them.

And they were quite friendly as you can see.
Well, except for this one! He was bossing all the others around.
She had a nice time running around 
and getting grass stains on her pants lol.
I got Ryder out of his stroller for a bit and he waddled around with the geese.
And played with Willow.
But he really wasn't feeling up to it so we didn't stay as long as I would have liked. 

When it was time to go there was lots of whining. 'I'm going to miss the geesies!' ... 'I'm hungry!' .... 'Mommy, I NEED a cuddle!' ... 'I want to go somewhere else!' Oh man. I couldn't get her into the car quick enough. And then she cried in her car seat all the way home. As did Ryder. But then they both took a two hour nap and I got a nice break. Phew.


Naomi said...

Enjoyed this post they both look so cute, i am sure Ryder will be over the colds soon, he is just building up his immune system.

Kelly Polizzi said...

yeah, i hope so :)

Caren said...

Love her "even madder" face. Those pictures made me smile :) I hope your little man feels better soon.

Jennifer said...

Hi, following you from the Fab Friends Thursday hop. If you get a chance hop over and say hi at

I love your blog name, really cute and creative!

Krafty Max Originals said...

I couldn't find the post about the Blog Hop, so I am leaving my note here....

BLOG HOPping around - I am now a follower of your blog, wont you also follow me?? ~KM
Krafty Max Originals

Susanmeep said...

I love the pictures too cute!

I am following you (suelee1998) from the blog hop, you have a great site. Would you like to follow me back?
thank you :)

Stephanie said...

That lunch is the CUTEST. You need to do a tutorial on that!

So nice when they wear themselves out playing outside, isn't it? 2 hour naps are awesome.

New follower from the hop, stop by when you get a chance!
henry happened

Gillian said...

First of all, your kiddos are SUPER cute! With that being said, your little lunch arrangement is adorable, too.

It's clever of you, and sweet, to put so much care into Willow's meal. Myself, I distinctly remember the extra, finishing touches my mother would make when packing my lunch box. I mean, I never had a "cheese" bear or anything, but thoughtful notes went a long, long way...

Good on you! Newly following through the Fab Friends Thursday Blog Hop!

Baby Talk without the Babble

Mommyof2girlz said...

Great pictures, such happy kiddos :) Lunch looks yummy too...sometimes I think the simpler the

greenTXmom said...

Your little girl is ADORABLE!! You can tell she is full of personality. :)
And the lunches you make her are is the name of your blog. Very tongue in cheek and cute as can be.
Hope your little man gets to feeling better, I'm sitting here with a sore throat now and hoping it doesn't turn into anything else.
I'm a new followe from the Give it to Me Monday hop. Would love to have you visit

Jenner said...

Hi, I'm a new follower! Your kids are too adorable. Love the many faces of Willow! I'd love to cut my daughter's cheese up in animal shapes but she gobbles it up so quickly, I don't think she would even notice!!

Naomi said...

I posted the pics on my blog hun, also check out the buzzy bee recipe on my food blog x

What's in a name.. said...

New follower via Making Friends Monday. Hoep you will follow me too @

Michelle said...

Very cute pictures! I'm following you now from a Monday hop! Have a wonderful Monday/Tuesday!!

spearmint baby said...

that lunch is just darling!
found you on the blog hop! i'm your newest follower ;)) shari

Emma's Lunch said...

Your kids are gorgeous! I love the many faces of Willow! :)

Thanks so much for your suggestion on my blog! I can't believe you're doing a class!! I totally want to do one myself now! Jealous!!!

I replied to your comment on my blog but thought it best to let you know here too in case you miss it :D

Anonymous said...

love your site : ) Where did you buy your bento toys?


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