Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I've not been taking many photos of my new recipes lately because we've been eating them late in the evening when there's not good light and I didn't see the point in putting dark, blurry pics up. But I have had some success with how they turned out. One being a delicious beef curry I made after watching this short video. Usually I make chicken curry so it was a nice change. Stephen said he might even prefer it with beef. I didn't use the stew beef the guy in the video suggests. I find it too tough. So I used diced sirloin tips and it came out juicy and moist.

About a week or so ago I made a nice spaghetti sauce and meatballs, mostly using my mother in law's fantastic recipe. I froze the leftovers and Willow had it today with pasta and some leftover carrots from yesterday's dinner.
Pasta with sauce (or 'psketti' as she calls it) is one of her favorite meals. Along with pizza. These days I'm just happy to have her eat something. She's getting quite picky. She used to love ham sandwiches, now she picks out the ham. She used to love broccoli and cheese soup but she won't touch it now. Same with oatmeal. I have to bribe her with things like jelly beans to get her to put the spoon in her mouth! But I'm going to stay persistent. She's not going to ever like these things if I stop giving them to her. I'll just make them less often.

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