Tuesday, September 22, 2009

From top left: salad - two types lettuce, cherry tomatoes quartered, a little shredded carrot, onion, dried cranberries, corn. Heart shaped (cause I love my hubby) ham and cheese sandwich with mayo/mustard, some croutons for the salad, orange yogurt with a frozen strawberry.

I took Willow to the mall today and enjoyed watching her play with the babies. One little girl was following her around everywhere trying to play with her doggy backpack and she kept saying, 'mine!'. She's going through that phase so I'm trying to put emphasis on teaching her to share.

Afterward I went to Gymboree to see what beautiful overpriced clothes they had in store today. I couldn't resist buying Willow a nice fall outfit and accessories. Be nice for her to wear when we go apple picking with Grandma soon.

Stephen is at school this evening and then going to his Mom's house afterwards to work on the photo booth so it'll just be me and Willow. I think I'll go buy some cod and make fish and chips for us. Don't normally get to eat fish because Stephen doesn't like it or want me to cook it when he's coming home because of the smell lol. I could really do with a nice baked potato with tuna/corn mayo but I'm not allowed to eat it when pregnant because of the mercury content in tuna. Groan.

I bought another bento box online yesterday. I got the laptop lunch set which is good for both adults and kids lunches and comes with a bento cook book. I tried to buy the most masculine colored one I could see heh. It will come in handy having another lunch box around because Stephen is having great difficulty remembering to bring his home from work!

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