Friday, September 25, 2009

Italian English Muffins

Stephen asked for Italian sandwiches today on English muffins so I made two of those with leftover pasta fagioli, or however you spell that and some orange jello with mandarins. And is it just me or does the English muffin on the right have a face on it? Me and Willow had English muffins too with just butter and honey. Quite nice.

I'm trying to get the house sorted right now. Just can't seem to get on top of it, the disorder is driving me crazy. Stephen is trying to clear the porch of all it's accumulated junk in order to make space to move the washer and dryer in there for me so's I don't have to go up and down the steep basement stairs anymore to do the laundry. So I can't really complain when he's moving all the porch boxes and junk to the living room but it is making me feel cluttered and like I can't get the house tidy enough. Mostly because of how long I know it will all sit there. Just gotta do the best with what I can move around I guess.

Nice sunny day outside mmph.

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