Tuesday, October 20, 2009

BLT wraps

Clockwise from top container: Apples sprinkled with cinnamon sugar with caramel dip in the little blue container, bacon and tomatoes, homemade trail mix, BLT wraps. I couldn't fit all the bacon I'd made in the wraps and still have them close so that's why i put a little extra in one of the containers. Oh and, an Oreo cookie stick on the side.

I took Stephen his lunch today and then finally returned my jacket (still haven't got one to replace it), then I took Willow grocery shopping. I mostly wanted to get shopping done today in order to get spaghetti sauce ingredients because Stephen is at school tonight and it's the perfect night to make it. That way it will be good for tomorrow. I'll make the meatballs when it's ready.

While I was at the store I got chatting to the women behind the counter making birthday cakes and stuff. They were giving me all sorts of tips and tricks for making Stephen's Mom's birthday cake in November. They even said if I come back next week they will give me a supply of spatulas and stuff because they have wooden handles and they've recently made the switch to plastic. She said she'd rather give them away than throw them away. So I will be going back for those. I was very thankful for Willow sitting there patiently as I watched one of the ladies decorate an entire cake. Probably because she loves frosting so much and didn't mind!

The house is a bit of a mess right now so I'm going to try and get some stuff done and then put Willow down for her nap. She's been so good about sleeping in her 'big girl bed', we really haven't had any trouble there. I thought we would have endless sleepless nights with her running into our room or crying in her own room but she sleeps just like she did in her crib. She doesn't even come out of her room in the morning, despite being free to now. She just cries in the morning or plays with her toys in her bed. My little angel.

I'm really enjoying the fall season right now and looking forward to thanksgiving. Willow is now getting to the age where she can understand what holidays mean. I am trying to teach her the meaning of Christmas, cause that's my fave and the most important holiday I think. When you ask her what Christmas is, she either says 'presents' or 'Jesus' birthday'. The latter, of course, is what I'm trying to have her focus on! Just when you think she understands somewhat, she'll say, 'Christmas coming to Willow's house soon, Mommy' and I'll realize she thinks that 'Christmas' is a little girl coming to play hah. I wonder if there are any little girls out there called Christmas. That would be cool!

This thursday coming, after the ladies prayer meeting at church, Wyatt is going to be coming over to play with Willow so his Mommy can go get her hair done. It's good for her to have other kids in her house to play with, doesn't happen much. She gets along great with Wyatt at church, the two of them have the same crazy high energy and chase eachother round tables etc.

So ... off to pick up apple pieces off the floor, wipe off the deodarant smeared all over the TV, and fold the never ending laundry!

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Artystitches said...

lovely post, like to hear what you are getting up to.


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