Thursday, October 29, 2009

Busy but Fun

Well, today has been a busy day. Started off with some sweet potato pancakes which Willow and I had fun cutting into shapes with cookie cutters. I made the mixture the night before and refrigerated it. Then just poured it onto the griddle. The recipe is from Deceptively Delicious. She has quite a few good recipes for kids that include sneaky veggies and fruits. Willow really enjoyed these and I was happy that they didn't include any sugar. I also doubled the ingredients and wrapped some for the freezer.

After breakfast, I zoomed around tidying knowing I wasn't going to get much of a chance later because Wyatt was coming and I'd have to keep a close eye on them. He came for a few hours and they ran riot through the house together as I expected. Jumping on beds, jumping off beds, plastering the walls with baby wipes, play dough, blocks, cartoons, drink-spilling etc etc. Crazy kids.

At one point they both needed to go potty at the same time and rushed to the bathroom together. Somehow, in the time it took me to waddle in there after them, they'd both managed to remove half their clothes and were standing in the bath. I looked down and saw one of them had piddled in the bath and I couldn't figure out which so I just decided to give them both a bath (after washing the piddle out of course!). Now, if I thought Willow loved her bath time, it's nothing compared to Wyatt. The minute he saw water he went crahazy. Pouring buckets-full over his head, splashing forcefully and kicking at the water, throwing toys ... It took three dish towels and two bath towels to soak up all the water NOT in the bath and even then it remained wet. But the point is they had lots of fun sharing a bath together, playing with the toys and giggling. Everything dried off eventually.

Here are the little rugrats playing quietly for a moment :)

Wyatt's Mom came to pick him up around 3.30pm so Willow went down quite late for her nap. Usually she takes it at around 2-2.30. When Stephen came home she was still sleeping so I was thinking, yay! some quiet time together! But two minutes after getting home he was asleep too. So tired, bless.

I went to the outlets to do some maternity clothes shopping, with the main intention of getting a skirt. I currently have one that fits me and it's (literally) hanging on by a hair bobble wrapped around the button to give me an extra half inch or so to breathe. I think i'm ready to burst out of it soon so I really need a new one!

I ended up not finding one at the store but I did get two pairs of pants. One of them jeans, something I NEVER wear. I knew Stephen would be pleased; he has always wanted me to buy jeans. Usually I just think they look better on taller people who have more legs so I tend to stick with skirts. But right now I'm desperate for anything that will fit me. I also got two tops for me - one is a nursing top and very cute and the other will be nice to wear for an occasion, and then some *ahem* baby clothes. I'm ashamed of my weakness! I got Willow an adorable little dress also. How could I come back without something for my girly?

I was expecting a big lecture from the hubs and a request to see my receipts but instead he sweetly said he was glad I got some clothes I can feel comfortable in :) Oh and he was VERY pleased with the jeans, if not a little mad that I didn't listen to him sooner because he said they looked great.

Once I got home it was quite late, so I gave Willow some cuddles, put my stuff away, did dishes and then put Willow to bed.


Artystitches said...

aww! what a busy bee! love reading your posts :o) i need to post on mine soooo tired though. but i will make a effort.

Kelly Polizzi said...

yep! you have exciting things going on so you need to be posting!


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