Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Orange Chicken

I recently came upon a really awesome blog full of recipes and meal inspiration. I copied up so many recipes that I hope to get to try in the near future. They all look so wonderful. Here's a pic of her 'Orange Chicken' (minus the orange) that I made for dinner tonight along with basmati rice.

Straight out of the oven.

The sauce in this recipe is one of the best sauces I have made at home. It's like a sweet and sour sauce and was very good with the chicken balls. Stephen, who is not a big fan of Chinese-type food - sweet and sour included, didn't care much for the taste and only ate a little. Willow wolfed hers down, no complaints. I will be keeping the recipe to make for her in the future.

I took Willow to the pet store in the morning to see all the puppies and bunnies etc. She pretty much ditched me the minute we got through the door and ran around with wild abandon picking up everything! I didn't care, I let her have her fun, I was grateful for how good she had been that morning. Especially in the post office, cause it was a bit of a wait for her. I need more indoor activities that are free to take her along to now that the weather is getting colder and cooolder. Or maybe just some more playdates. Wyatt is coming to play for a little while again tomorrow so that will be nice for her.

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