Monday, March 21, 2011

Prize Day

Now that Willow is 4 and a big girl, I have decided it's time to step up the chores she does at home. Up until now she has always just helped when I ask her to and she's great about doing that. But I think it's good to have consistency and routine.

I created a chore chart which contains her everyday chores and stuck it on the refrigerator. I used pictures along with the words because she is not reading. The chores include:

  • Brush teeth
  • Unload silverware in dishwasher
  • Tidy shoes
  • Clean room
  • Help set/clear table

Once she completes each chore she puts a check mark in the corresponding box and at the end of the day, if she  managed to do them all successfully, she gets to put up a sticker. If not, she temporarily loses a toy. At the end of the week, if she made it with all her stickers she gets to pick a prize.

And for prizes, I went through my kiddie's activities books and wrote down some fun non-monetary things to do with Mom, Dad, or just by herself on pieces of paper. Then we folded them up and put them in a jar. When it comes to getting a prize, she just pulls out one piece of paper and I read it to her.

So far this has been having a wonderful affect. Her enthusiasm for doing chores is like I've never seen. But then it is still new. Yesterday, she chose her first prize and got: "make a special jellybean picture with Mommy". So that's what we did today. I thought it was a really fun thing to do with your kids so I decided to snap a few pics and share them here. I also think I may continue with this and put a 'kid's crafts' tab up the top. Whaddya think?

So here's how you make the jellybean picture. You just need a piece of card (I had some round cake boards which were perfect) and some foil to wrap over it.

Whip up some royal icing (which serves as the glue for the candy) with your helper and have him/her spread it over the board. Willow loved this part. 

Then just add colorful jellybeans to make a picture or design. You could use pastel jellybeans for Easter etc and make it a holiday craft. Some will, no doubt, get nibbled on as they are applied! And, of course, the whole thing (well, not the card and foil!) is edible, even once hardened.

You can make all kinds of things. We did a simple flower garden (thats a sun up in the corner!) and Willow made a delicious-looking candy pizza! "One for the picture, one for Willow ...."


Christina said...

I love this idea! Both the craft and chore chart/prize day. I am going to be decorating some sugar cookies with royal icing this week and have an unopened bag of jelly beans. I think it might just be meant to be... :) Thanks for the idea!

Jenni Price said...

A seriously cute idea! Love it!


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