Thursday, March 17, 2011

Willow's Lunch

I know I may have mentioned it once or twice before but I just love Spring. So I'll say it again: I LOVE SPRING! It's always been my favorite season but it is now especially after a looong, hard Winter. It was so nice to be able to sit in the back yard with my babies playing and actually feeling the hot sun on our faces. It just ... lifts the spirits and makes everything look pretty, everything even smells pretty!

I was so happy to see a little sun today I, like a true Brit, was tempted to eat lunch outside but I didn't want any weird looks from the neighbors :b  I know the ticks would have had a field day too. Just from playing around the steps to the porch, they dived all over us. I'm going to have to spray my yard with something ... seriously.

Here is what my little princess had for lunch today. 

PB&J sandwiches (she ate the other two squares while I was making this) with a little cheese bunny. Some veggie chips and some carrots. As hopeful as I was about the carrots when she asked me this morning to put them in her lunch with promises of eating them, unfortunately they are not making a come back.

She is going for another trial day tomorrow at a different school. Number 2 of the two good schools. So we'll see how that goes. I just hope I can get up in the morning. Since the clocks went back I have been all over the place. Ryder too, which has made me worse. He has been waking up (and insisting on getting up) at 6am these past few days. Right when I was planning on starting to get up an hour or so ahead of the kids to get more things done. Not sure I could do 5am!


Danielle said...

You shouldn't get weird looks--we eat outside all the time! Dinner, too--especially on a night we grill. It's great fun. Who wants to be stuck inside when the weather's nice! :) In fact, my girls ate outside on the swingset yesterday :) Cute bunny!

Kelly Polizzi said...

Thanks Danielle, I just figured I'd get the looks because it's barely Spring. But you're right, who wants to be stuck inside if it's Sunny these days! Would help if we had a table and chairs though!

Unknown said...

Cute lunch! I'm excited for Spring too. I just wish the weather felt like Spring. We still have a lot of snow. Boo!

Angeleyes said...

If the weather here is as good as yours I would not hesitate to eat on my porch! hehehehe Peoplewill think I am nuts if I eat on the porch in Penang!!! LOL

I like that cute little bunny on the PBJ sammy!

Hope Willow gets into the school she likes!


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